Digital Signage


Digital Signage has advanced far beyond simply replacing posters with LCD screens into a core component of a sound retail strategy. Forward-looking retailers have linked their print, TV, billboard and Web messaging, created a social media presence, and put mobile solutions in place. Now, they are building digital in-store experiences, further driving the evolution of digital signage.
In Singapore Digital Signage and is the future of advertising which is used to replace the traditional printing method.

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What can you use DIGITAL SIGNAGE for?


Internal communications are key to keeping the company up to date with the latest news and announcements. Corporate messaging, room booking, emergency information and the latest figures can be instantly displayed across the network of digital signage screens. Digital displays capture 400% more views than static displays so you can be sure everyone is informed.


Digital menu boards can not only create a more aesthetically pleasing and efficient way of displaying the menu content, but digital menu boards typically present up to a 5% sales lift as customers say an easy to read menu is their top priority. Digital Signage gives the option to experiment with different menu sizing and content design without the need to get it reprinted, saving time and money.


8/10 customers have entered a store because of a sign catching their interest. This therefore makes it clear that Digital window signage can be an extremely influential medium. It can also increase the traffic into your shop! Constant engagement with the customer, even when you are not talking face to face improves the overall brand experience.


Digital Signage is helping to change the ways in which educational facilities communicate. Being able to display announcements, timetables, emergency information and even digital menu boards allow fast and legible information to be delivered in real time. Digital Signage offers a completely scalable structure meaning no matter how many screens you have, you can push your data to a few or all screens with a click.


Keeping patients informed and / or distracted can improve the overall healthcare experience. For example a queue management system alongside the latest news could help lower anxiety and physiologically reduce waiting times.


From the advertising network operator’s point of view, using Digital Signage for outdoor advertising can be a highly profitable venture. By choosing to advertise using digital signage over static signage, the advertising network’s monthly revenue can increase by a significant 800% according to MRI. Even more appealing is that by switching from static signage to interactive / touchscreen advertising, ad sales can increase by a massive 1200%.

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